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ULAB presentation

The main goals of the “ULtrasound based Assessment of Bone” project are:

- 1. to integrate multidisciplinary research aiming towards the development, validation and industrial transfer of novel multimodal ultrasound technologies for early diagnosis, assessment of disease progression and treatment evaluation of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

- 2. to share research facilities for measurement and modelization so that the achievements will not be simply the addition of the preexisting programs of each group

- 3. to achieve efficient training of young researchers by co-supervision of Master and PhD students

- 4. to play the international leadership role in topics related to quantitative ultrasonic assessment of bone properties by achieving dissemination of common knowledge and promoting the clinical and industrial transfer of our developments.

To reach these objectives, the Laboratoire Européen associé (LEA) brings together three teams (LIB-Paris, Q-BAM-Berlin, Section Biomedical Imaging-Kiel) with complementary expertise. The strength of our LEA lies also in an easy access to multimodalities platforms, animal models and cohorts of patients through sustained international collaborations.

ULAB Project 2012-2015 - 331 kb